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Software Klaus Eichele

General Information

Brief Alphabetical List with Version Information

HBA 1.7.5.
Perform analysis of spinning-sideband intensities using the Herzfeld-Berger method.
R 2.3.12
A Windows tool implementing a periodic system of elements, table of nuclear properties, and a calculator for dipolar coupling constants.
SpecMake 1.1.9
The ultimate file conversion routine:
converts scanned images to spectra compatible with Bruker's WinNMR,
SpecPlot 1.2.24
A Windows program to plot NMR spectra into a Postscript or HPGL file
Trafo 2.5.7
Perform some simple transformations on fractional and Cartesian coordinates.
WSolids1 1.21.3
A program to simulate solid state NMR spectra, running under Windows and implementing the multiple document interface. The following programs are spin-offs, which share libraries with WSolids1: HBA, SpecPlot, SpecMake, Trafo.

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